8 Struggles That You’ll Only Know If You Work in Tech

By October 3, 2017For Talent

Today isn’t just your average Tuesday. Today is National Techie Day. So, if you’re a coding whizz kid or IT expert then this post is for you. Here are the 8 struggles that you’ll only know if you work in tech.


1. People always need your advice

Like when your mum can’t figure out how to print a boarding pass at 8am in the morning or your best friend needs you to reset her router at 11pm at night. Being a techie means that people will always need your skills whether you like it or not.

2. Silently watching someone type a URL into their search bar is a painful experience.

Seriously? This is 2017! How have they not figured this out yet? You’re always slightly mystified at other people’s lack of common tech knowledge.

3. You never understand why people don’t install their updates straight away.

You’ve ignored that update for three weeks? How can you take the suspense? Just hurry up and do it already.

4. You can’t stand people who type with just two fingers.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Let me just pull up a chair and make myself comfortable because it’s going to take you another 20 minutes to type up this email.

5. Your phone is full of useless apps

Just in case you need them at some stage in the future. Thankfully you have them neatly organised into folders like travel, finance, games, and extras so you know exactly where each redundant app is.

6. Most people have no idea what you do. 

If you work in tech, lots of people in your family and friendship group probably don’t know exactly what you do. Instead, they will simply say that you work with ”computers”. If only they knew the truth.

7.  You’ve stopped trying to explain it to them

After a while, you can’t be bothered trying to explain your role to them. Instead, you just smile and nod while they incorrectly introduce you. It’s just easier.

8. You spend a small fortune every year on your domain name

And it doesn’t matter in the slightest that you don’t use it. You just feel safer knowing that it belongs to you.

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