Killing It: The New Podcast Tackling Mental Health In Startups

Name: Killing it

Jobbio Rating: 4.5 Stars

Duration: Roughly 50 minutes

Twitter: @Killingitpod


If you’ve ever worked in a startup then you’ve probably heard the term ”Killing it”.

”He’s killing it this week, he secured his funding.”

”She’s killing it today, she’s been working since 6am.”

”They’re killing it, they’ve just got a write-up in Forbes.”

Everyone is ”Killing it”. But at what cost?

It’s no secret that the startup world is a brutal one. The relentless setbacks, financial uncertainty and nagging doubts can play havoc with your mental health. Not to mention the toxic masculinity and always-on culture that seems to have infiltrated the startup ecosystem.

Enter Killing it. The podcast that wants to make mental health a primary concern for all startup founders and employees.

Sanctus, a startup dubbed the ”Nike of mental health” has teamed up with Spotify to create a podcast that shines a light on the startup stories that you never get to hear. The stories of founders achieving success while dealing with their own mental health problems.

The show is hosted by veteran tech journalist Aleks Krotoski, Sanctus founder James Routledge and therapist Petra Velzeboer.

The first season is made up of 6 parts. Each episode has an interview with well-known names from the UK tech scene like Alex Depledge from and Acton Smith from Moshi Monsters and Calm.

The founder’s stories are honest and genuinely helpful. There’s also a certain reassurance in knowing that some of the biggest names in tech are still trying to figure this all out too.

Velzeboer is a natural interviewer. She talks about difficult and sometimes painful topics with ease and really gets the best out of the interviewees.

This podcast cuts through the macho tech world exterior and gets right into the heart of the issue of mental health. An issue that is often brushed under the carpet and hidden from view.

The truth is we will all be touched by mental health at some stage in our lives. Whether we will struggle with it ourselves, or simply help support a family member or colleague. This podcast is part of a bigger discussion on how we can open up the channels of communication to make sure that no one feels alone. Personally, I think it’s a great first step.

You can listen to the first 2 episodes on Spotify now.

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