40% of Millennials Think They Are Better at Their Jobs Than Their Bosses

By May 8, 2018For Talent

Working for a crappy boss can be tough. It’s hard to receive feedback, you struggle to get your ideas heard and worst of all, you know deep down that you could probably do their job ten times better than they ever could.

If you are fed up with your manager or supervisor at work then you may not be alone. Workplace culture site Comparably surveyed 10,000 people to find out how they felt about their coworkers. According to the research, almost 40% of workers believe that they could do a better job than their bosses.

Sounds pretty egotistical and self-important, doesn’t it? Well, maybe not.

“It’s not necessarily that these people believe that their managers have fallen down on the job. It’s just that this group of workers, especially millennials, are certain that they are entitled to promotions and that they can best their bosses,” says Jason Nazar, Comparably’s co-founder and CEO.

Millennials aren’t necessarily conceited. Instead, they are just confident in their own abilities to lead.

But experts have warned against being presumptuous and going rogue in order to get what you want. Remember it’s important to look at your company as a whole. How quickly do decisions usually get made? Is there a long chain of command?

“Workers, especially less experienced workers, often get frustrated because things aren’t moving faster. What they are missing is that their boss has responsibilities that they don’t, including playing politics and navigating the organization,” Brandon Smith, workplace therapist, told the New York Post.

If your manager really is terrible at their job they will get weeded out eventually. In the meantime, work hard, support your colleagues and don’t be afraid to bring new ideas to the table. That way when the time comes for a promotion, you will be a natural choice.

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