People Are Sharing Hilarious Stock Images of Their Jobs

By May 14, 2018For Talent

What’s the biggest stereotype you’ve ever heard about your job? Are you a graphic designer who definitely isn’t laid back? Or maybe you’re a developer who never spends hours locked away in a dark room staring blankly into a monitor.

As a writer, am I supposed to move to Italy to write a book at some stage in my career? Probably not. Although I wouldn’t say no to a holiday.

Like it or not career stereotypes and cliches are everywhere from the films we watch to the stock images that are used on posters and ads every day.

Earlier this week #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob started trending on Twitter as people around the world shared the cringey, odd and sometimes hilarious pictures that they had found online.

If you need a good laugh today then look no further. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob tweets from the last week.

Did your career make the list? Let us know on Twitter.

Evolutionary Biologist

Civil Engineer




Technical Writer



And finally…Veterinarian

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