These two Irish entrepreneurs may have just sussed the future of working

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NoCo is here, and it’s the future of working! 

Not to sound overly cliché, but WHAT A YEAR, right? The world of work was turned upside-down almost overnight by the global outbreak of COVID-19. People traded desks for kitchen tables, colleagues for pets and meetings to video calls. But, despite this disruption to what was once the status-quo of working, people have adapted, and actually become quite comfortable with this new normal. 

We kind of like not having to spend a few hours a day on buses or trains. We kind of like the ability to spend extra time with our loved ones. And, of course, our pets are loving all the extra attention. 

It would make you wonder… what does the future of work in a post pandemic world actually look like? 

future of working

Well, it seems as though two Irish entrepreneurs may have devised an answer! 

Introducing: NoCo, a new innovative property company, with plans to provide secure and private office suites to large corporate companies via a multi-location property network across commuter towns surrounding Dublin City. 

NoCo’s network of facilities means that employees will have more choice when it comes to selecting a safe and effective work space. So basically, if you don’t feel like making the trek into Dublin cCity on a rainy Wednesday morning – there will be office space closer to home you can access. 

What a brilliant idea, right? 

future of working

NoCo was co-founded by entrepreneurs Brian Moran and Frankie McSwiney, who both previously commuted for long hours and wanted to create a solution that would reduce commuting time, facilitate a better work / life balance and also address the issue of lost productivity for employers. Things we have all previously suffered from. 

Brian Moran, co-founder of NoCo, said: “The NoCo network of dedicated workspace facilities means team members can work from an existing HQ location, their own home, or one of our dedicated own-door office spaces.
Our service also allows our clients to better manage their workforce strategy by integrating all workspaces available to them.”

future of working

Frankie McSwiney, co-founder of NoCo, said: “Both working from home and commuting to an office have their drawbacks – and our dedicated workspaces close to employees’ homes provide a valuable alternative for employers and their staff alike.”

None of us really know what 2021 has in store for the world, but we reckon NoCo may have the future of working sussed anyway! 

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