First Grown Up Job Guide: Exceeding Expectations

By June 20, 2018For Talent

In order to progress in your career, it’s essential that you try exceed what’s expected of you at every given opportunity. The ability to “go the extra mile” can be valued by employers more than any degree or qualification!

Challenging yourself and exceeding what’s expected from you is the key to progression in any industry. Not only is it guaranteed to win over respect and admiration of your coworkers, it will provide you with some glowing references and a vast and varied professional network.

Here are some of the ways that you can start outdoing your work targets and getting ahead in your workplace.


Communication is key when it comes to work related matters. Let your boss know which aspects of the job you’re happy with and which you’re not. Has your role matched its description and lived up to expectations? Tell the employer of how you hope it can develop in order to suit you both. Expressing both one’s satisfaction and dissatisfaction can lead to a more open workplace. The workplace culture will benefit from your presence and you’ll be regarded as someone who goes above and beyond what’s necessary, to ensure the office is a friendly place for everyone.

Get Behind the Brand

You’re being paid to complete a set list of work projects but that doesn’t put a cap on ways to add value to your employer. Try to represent your employer’s ethos and incorporate it into your own personal brand. Display a positive attitude regarding the work being done inside and outside of your department. Become an advocate of their vision and a driving force behind their marketing success.

Motivate Yourself

Exceed the expectations of your boss by finding your motivation yourself rather than waiting for direction. Rely upon your own initiative and develop ideas for projects, even if you don’t feel totally qualified to do so. Volunteer to take over projects that might not be the most desirable or enjoyable. This will indicate that you’re a team player who is focused upon the continued success of the business.

Professional Development

Keep your skills up to date by studying and keeping up with industry trends in your spare time. Alternatively, take a class relevant to another aspect of the business- thus allowing you to better understand its running and to aid other teams. This shows your dedication to a company and will certainly impress superiors.

Time Management

Make sure you are punctual every day. If possible, arrive early so that you are prepared for the day ahead. For instance, if your shift is scheduled to begin at 9am, arrive at a quarter to and spend 15 minutes making a plan for the day. Be flexible if your boss needs you to stay a little later in order to finish a project, but don’t sacrifice your work-life balance.

Bring your Uniqueness

Lastly, and most importantly, bring your unique talents and experiences to your role to exceed what’s expected of you. Differentiate yourself from your coworkers by ensuring all work you produce has that authentic edge. Think outside the box and decide what makes you different from competitors. Utilise this to your own advantage and channel it into your day-to-day duties.


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