What does celebrating pride at work mean to you?

Pride recognises the accomplishments of the gay rights movement and celebrates the culture of the LGBT community. In recent years, more and more corporations have pledged their support to Pride but how has it impacted their employees?

We asked our team what celebrating Pride at work means to them.

Yann Rochas – Customer Success Manager

“Celebrating Pride and diversity with colleagues is a great feeling! Inclusive companies really give us a safe place to be our true selves and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Jenny Leahy – Graphic Designer

“I love Pride and any environment that allows people to be their full, unadulterated selves! It’s great to see a group of people who have historically been marginalised (and often still are today) just take a moment to celebrate their culture and community, and to be able to join in and support.”

Jonny Young – Social Media Manager

“I think being in a workplace where Pride is made a priority and celebrated across the whole company is really something quite remarkable. While we can create an LBGT friendly environment in our personal life, it’s not always easy to do in the workplace. We spend so much time at work and to know that you’re in a space that supports who you are is really encouraging.”

Gráinne Mellett – Head of Account Management

“In our workplace I hope that we foster a loving and supportive environment in our day to day interactions but it’s important on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots to take a moment to publicly declare support to those that we know and love that have gone through struggles (and may still be struggling) over who they are and who they love.”

Aimee O’Mahoney – HR Manager

“Celebrating Pride at work is so important to ensure it’s a safe workplace, free from judgement. We not only embrace diversity, we celebrate it! It’s so exciting that year on year so many more organisations bring Pride celebrations to the office – a really fun way to promote inclusivity.”

Nina Ricafort – Growth Marketeer

“Celebrating Pride at work means showing solidarity for the LGBTQ+ community. For me, it means not only raising awareness about the roots of Pride and why it‘s so important, but also raising funds to help make a real difference in the lives of LGBTQ+ youth.”

Ivan Campbell – Partnerships Account Manager

“I think it’s important that everybody feels welcome in the workplace, and feels free to be themselves. Pride is a celebration of inclusion and diversity and I’m really glad I get to be part of that.”

Cassie Delaney – Director of Content

“Celebrating Pride in work is so important for LGBT employees. It creates a sense that the company is accepting, supportive and most importantly, safe. It’s amazing to know that I have the full support and compassion of the business owners and my colleagues.”

Frankie McSwiney – Head of Business Development

“Pride is not just historically significant, it’s also a chance for us to honour our diverse team and show our LGBTQ friends and family our support. The UK office is full of colour today. And of course, cake!”

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