How to Get Hired in Five Easy Steps

By August 7, 2018For Talent

Are you unhappy in your current role? Perhaps you’ve become bored of the day-to-day work, or Maybe you’ve just had enough of the office politics? If you’re thinking about jumping ship the time to act is now.

We know that finding a job can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, we have broken it down into five easy steps that you need to take to get hired. Now all you have to do is get started.

1. Find your passion

As corny as it sounds, everyone had something that makes them tick and brings them joy. Whether that’s travelling the world, creating beautiful websites, solving complex tech problems or building futuristic inventions. If you haven’t found your passion yet now might be the time to explore the different career options that are available to you. Try new hobbies, take a night class or talk to someone in your dream career. If you’ve already found your perfect career path then congratulations, you can skip on to step 2.

2. Tailor your personal brand

Like it or not, everyone has a personal brand and it’s important that you invest time and energy into yours. Your personal brand is all about how you portray yourself and in turn, how you’re valued by potential employers. These days it is not enough to simply be qualified. Companies are searching for a good culture fit so don’t be afraid to show your personality. Remember, you’re more than a piece of paper.

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3. Update your online presence

Before you start your job search, you need to make sure that your online presence is both appropriate and up to date. You might want to take a quick look at your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages to make sure that there is nothing that you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see i.e. pictures of you crowd-surfing at an all-night rave in Ibiza. You also need to update your Jobbio profile to make sure that employers will have the most relevant information about you. Don’t forget to include some media and examples of your work.

4. Get out there

Online connections are great but nothing beats meeting a potential employer face-to-face. Don’t be afraid to get out there and attend events. The WeWork Creator Awards are a great example. The award show/hiring fair takes place at various locations around the world. The next event is on September 13th in Nashville, Tennesse and will give attendees the perfect opportunity to mingle with potential employers and network with people in their industry. Plus, Ashton Kutcher will also be there so what more do you want really? You can RSVP to the event below.

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5. Don’t lose hope

Try to make finding a job as fun as possible. It can be disheartening if you’re rejected from your dream role but remember that something better might be just around the corner. Always ask for feedback from interviews and your colleagues. In this way, you will be able to develop your skills in the future.

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