How to be Happier in Your Job

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We all have off days. Days when we would rather go back to bed than face our 9am meeting or call in sick and avoid work altogether.

If you’re feeling a bit ”meh” about work this week, don’t fret. It’s probably just a bad week, not a bad job.

Here are some of our tips for making yourself feel better.

Start early

How you start your day can have a huge effect on your mood.  Fill your mornings with good habits. Wake up on time, exercise, banish caffeine and eat a proper breakfast. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact it can make.

Create the ultimate playlist

Music can improve your outlook (and productivity) when you’re having a bad day. If you’re struggling to get motivated compile a playlist of all your favourite songs. Pop in your headphones and get to work. Just make sure you’re not belting out the words for the whole office to hear.

Be social

Having a work best friend is great and all but if you really want to be happier at work then you need to build up your contacts. Get to know people in your industry through related events. The WeWork Creator Awards are a perfect example. Their latest event will take place in Nashville on September 13th. It’s a wonderful chance to mingle with celebs like Ashton Kutcher while also networking with like-minded peers.

Attend the Creator Awards.


I know, I know, meditation is becoming a bit of a buzzword but the ancient practice has multiple benefits for workers today. Meditating will help you to banish negative thoughts while also helping you to become more present in your workday. Check out our expert advice here.

Bring your pet to work

Research from Virginia Commonwealth University has shown that bringing pets to work can decrease stress, improve communication and increase job satisfaction. If your office currently isn’t pet-friendly it might be worth talking to your boss. If you don’t ask you’ll never know.

Take your holidays

Annual leave should be used, not hoarded. We all need to unwind and destress a couple of times a year. That’s why it’s important that you book time off and use it to completely escape the office grind. That means no work emails or calls when you’re out of office.

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