Work Quirks: This Company Gives Employees Onsite Botox

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As the race for talent heats up, employee work perks are becoming more extravagant, outlandish and perhaps a little bit bizarre.

Here are some of the most unusual perks that we stumbled across this week.

Smoking cessation programme, Oath

Oath is the company behind some pretty big name brands such as AOL, Huff Post, Yahoo! and Tumblr. Unsurprisingly this heavy-hitter knows how to treat its employees well. The US-based company offers its staff members free gym membership, autism and elder-care support, expect parent coaching and even a smoking cessation programme which helps employees to quit. Considering how much time is wasted on workplace smoke breaks we guess it is in their best interest.

Match charitable donations, Boeing

Aerospace company Boeing provides a winter break for most employees, giving them the last week of December off work (that’s a pretty big deal for American companies). But that’s not their most impressive perk. The progressive company also promises to match employees’ charitable donations and hours up to $6,000. Sounds pretty generous.

Discounted botox, Chesapeake Energy

Employees at the natural gas producer can enjoy parent/child yoga classes as well as a large fitness centre. However one of their more unusual perks has made headlines over the years. Their onsite medical centre offers a full range of dermatology services including cancer screenings, lesion removal and even botox injections. Who wouldn’t want to banish wrinkles on their lunch break?

Free gigs, Buzzfeed UK

Buzzfeed is known for their quirky style, relevant content and snappy headlines. It’s no surprise then that they offer their employees a whole host of millennial-friendly perks. For example, every Thursday they bring a rising superstar into their office to hold a small gig for employees. What a way to start the weekend.

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