A Day in the Life of Matthias Wenk, Marketing Operations Director at Ryanair

Matthias Wenk
What does your company do and why is it important?

At Ryanair, we offer low cost, short haul travel – democratising air travel in Europe.

What qualities do you look for in new hires?

For someone to join the team at Ryanair they need enthusiasm and confidence as well as being a cultural match with the company.

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How would you describe your company culture?

The culture at Ryanair is driven, no-nonsense and goal oriented.

What perks or benefits does your company have?

True European relevance, free air travel, exciting career development opportunities and a strong and consistent leadership team.

What challenges do your employees face?

I think the biggest challenge can be working in a fast-paced, ever changing environment. You need to be adaptable and comfortable with changing direction at speed.

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What advice would you give someone applying for a role in your company?

Do you have the mental flexibility required to address daily arising challenges?
The devil is in the detail – can you truly embrace that?

What’s the one thing you wish people knew about your job?

Never a dull moment!

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