Why December is the Perfect Time to Find a New Job

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…to find a job.

While your mind is probably occupied with presents, nights out and holidays plans, have you stopped to consider whether you’re happy in your current role?

Use this month to get your career on track. Here are just five reasons why December is the perfect month to find a new job.

Leftover budget

When December rolls around it is not uncommon for businesses to have a little bit of cash left over. This allows companies to consider opening up positions which they were previously unsure they’d be able to afford. Have a hit list of companies that you would like to work for and check their Jobbio channel regularly.

Beat the January crowds

Lots of job seekers will give up their search in December because they’re either too busy or simply can’t be bothered. Don’t make that mistake! Apply for jobs now before everyone starts looking in January.

Hiring managers need to fill roles before the new year

Hiring managers have targets to meet too. They often need to find appropriate candidates before the end of the calendar year. With less competition, you’re more likely to stand out.

It’s the perfect chance to network

December is probably the most sociable month of the year. Each city has a whole host of holiday networking events that you should get involved in. Christmas is also the perfect excuse to reconnect with old friends. Who knows, they might have a job opportunity for you.

Use your time off wisely

Do you have a few days off over the holidays? Use this free time to work on your personal brand. Freshen up your Jobbio profile and make sure your LinkedIn information is up to date. Start the new year on a good note.

Find your perfect role this December. 


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