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By December 14, 2018For Companies, For Talent

What are your career aspirations for the new year? Do you want to get a raise, start a new project or change roles entirely?

As the festive season rolls around many people are starting to think about what they would like to achieve in 2019. But if you’re struggling to feel inspired this Christmas look no further because this heartfelt video will make you believe that great things are coming in the new year.

 The two-minute video shows different children discussing the careers they would like to have when they are older. 

The answers vary from forensic scientist to baker and from singer to zoo artist. But the video is about so much more than adorable kids and smart graphics (of which there are plenty).

At the heart of this campaign is the message that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself.

These children are unphased by college points or salaries. They don’t care about status or employee perks. They simply want to do something that makes them happy. Which is a lesson that we should all remember going into the new year.

The video finishes on an uplifting note with the kids encouraging each other to pursue their passions no matter what.

They describe each other as ‘’strong and brave’’ completely convinced that they can achieve anything they put their mind to and I for one think they’re right. You shouldn’t stop believing just because you’re an adult (especially at Christmas).

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