How to Make Your Workplace Healthier This January

January is finally here which means you have two options. You can either wallow in the fact that Christmas is over or you can get excited about all the new opportunities that 2019 is going to bring.

If you want to cut back on the excesses after Christmas then follow our quick and easy tips to make your workplace healthier this January.

Get some fresh air

Office environments can often trigger occupational allergies e.g. rashes or headaches caused by harsh chemicals used in cleaning products or paint. However, even if you don’ have physical symptoms stuffy workspaces can still negatively affect your productivity.

In fact, a 2015 Harvard University study found that offices with increased ventilation were linked to better employee performance. While you might not be able to take charge of the AC in your office try opening a window every so often or take a quick walk outside at lunchtime.

Inject some biophilia

Don’t worry that’s not some kind of flesh-eating disease. Biophilia simply refers to the human relationship with plants, trees and other elements of the natural world.

Lily Bernheimer, Founding Director of Spaceworks Consulting explains that ”When we talk about biophilia people often jump to the point of thinking we’ve got to put a bunch of potted plants in the office. I’m not saying that’s not a good thing to do or that it can’t be useful but what I recommend is taking a look and seeing what is in your office. If you work somewhere with lovely wooden floors and views of nature then you may not feel the need to bring plants into your space. ”

Use your annual leave

Don’t hoard all your annual leave. Spread it out throughout the year. Taking annual leave will help you to recharge, destress and ultimately be more productive at work. In fact, a 2018 study found that people who travel during annual leave show greater evidence of success and enjoyment in their careers. So, that European city break may not be such a bad idea after all.

Stop eating at your desk

You need to take a proper break during the day. Eat your lunch in the staffroom with everyone else. You’ll enjoy your food more, connect with your colleagues and feel better after taking a break from your laptop. Plus it will also stop you eating mindlessly while you work or surf the web. Remember that you are not a machine. You need to rest too.

Find a new role for 2019 today. 

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