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By January 14, 2019For Companies

To help you attract the best talent to your organisation, you first need to understand their motivations and what makes them happy. Today’s workforce aren’t just interested in shiny perks or impressive titles, they want to work for companies who share their values and who appreciate their ambition. 

Here’s what candidates need to work happy, according to our latest research. 


Whether it’s applying for a job or looking to advance in their current one, talent need to be informed of their progress. Honesty and transparency are important to our current workforce and they expect consistent communication regardless of seniority or duration in a role.

49% of people said lack of feedback is the most frustrating thing about job hunting.

To be happy in their roles, talent require a managerial structure that facilitates open communication and environments that allow for collaboration. 


The future of work has arrived and with it better technologies and an ambitious, multi-generational workforce. This workforce understand the need to develop with the same veracity as technology, and are hungry to learn new skills and nurture new talents.

85% of people surveyed say they plan to pursue upskilling or educational opportunities in 2019.

The most popular technical skills talent wish to learn or improve upon are project management and data analysis. In terms of soft skills, research shows that leadership and confidence skills are what talent most want to build up in the next year.

Employers need to evaluate what growth opportunities they can offer current and potential employees. Rather than financial incentives consider subsidising courses, workshops or conferences. This not only satisfies your employees’ need for growth, it also improves the skills and outputs of your team. Win-win! 

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Research shows that candidates are interested in building their personal brand more than their company one. That means seeking out the opportunities that are of most value to them be it further education or the option to travel. Career pivots and lateral moves will also become more common in 2020 as employees focus on personal development and passion projects. Career progression doesn’t need to be an upward trajectory. 

70% of respondents would consider relocating for the right job or company.


Work-life balance remains the top benefit sought by talent in 2019 with 41% saying it’s the one thing they’d improve about their jobs. To facilitate greater flexibility in their roles, talent will require more autonomy over their working days and hours. They want to determine their own working schedules and rather than staying in roles long term, they will move more freely between tasks, companies and even industries.

31% of respondents said they wanted to see a move towards project or freelance work in the new year while 36% said they wanted to change role or industry in the coming year.

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