Creating the employer branding content that is right for you

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Nailing your employer brand starts with effectively defining your company culture and mission.

Your mission underpins everything you do. As you grow and mature as a company it should help determine the suitability of your next hires, the ethos of your team and ultimately, the direction of your business. Without a solid mission, your company lacks focus and your team will lack purpose.

Remember that your mission needs to be unique to your company so don’t try to overcomplicate things or be overly profound with your use of language. Even if you think you’ve already established a clear mission, ask yourself: why your company exists, who it helps, what your values are and how you’re different from your competitors. 

Once you’ve answered these questions succinctly, you’ll be better placed to start authentically building a company culture, and communicating it! 

Creating the employer branding content that is right for you 

How to produce authentic, meaningful employer branding collateral. 

Part of developing your mission is figuring out who your customers are. When building your employer brand your customers are your audience, an audience of prospective candidates. To appeal to them you need to create employer branding content that they will want to consume and that is specific to their needs or interests. 

4 in 5 HR managers agree that investing in employer branding can reduce hiring costs drastically.

Determine the primary message you’re trying to convey and then get some creative behind it. Try to be as focused as possible here, as multiple messages can dilute the impact of what you’re trying to say. 

Consider the different content options available to you and decide which best align with your brand. Remember that this content is just the first part of the puzzle. You’re creating awareness, not direct applications. 


According to YouTube, mobile video consumption increases 100 per cent year-on-year making video one of the most effective means to communicate your employer brand and reach the right audience. Incorporating video into your job ads, social media posts and careers site is an engaging way to educate talent on your industry or roles. 

57% of HR managers say that they receive more applications to job ads accompanied by video. 

Live social 

Inbound hiring is about opening lines of discussion between you and potential hires. You don’t want to force feed them information, you want to initiate conversation and spark interest. One possible way to achieve this is through Q&As on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Though live streaming may seem daunting, it’s a method that allows for instant feedback and engagement. It also means you can prompt and prolong reactions from your audience through questions. 

Articles and blog posts 

Written content bolstered with images, videos or infographics is a great way to discuss a complex issue. Topic led editorial content that ties back to your company adds value to your potential candidates, as well as establishing you as a thought leader in your industry. Think about the areas of expertise within your company and how you can leverage them to attract candidates. Editorial content can be a highly cost effective solution to employer branding

Almost ⅓ of recruiters surveyed believe that during the recruitment process candidates respond best to articles about the company over any other content. 


One thing candidates are becoming more mindful of is the environment in which they work. An inviting workspace with good amenities can prove quite the draw, so get sharing images of your team and office on your careers site and on your social channels.  

Careers site 

While a careers site is usually the first port of call in an outbound strategy, with inbound recruiting this lies further down the funnel. Nonetheless, it’s your shop window to talent and vital for showcasing the breadth of roles on offer at your company. A careers site educates talent on what you do and why, and gives them a means to get in touch. 

SEO focus

Search engine optimisation increases brand visibility through organic means by increasing traffic to your site and boosting your ranking. SEO is key to improving your online presence and should be a business priority across all departments. 

SEO needs to be implemented in every facet of your content from job titles and descriptions to the layout and use of images on your careers page. When creating job ads be sure you’re including relevant keywords. “Social Ninja” might sound like an engaging job title but it won’t perform well in search engines. 

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