#WorkQuirks: This Company Offers Employees Free Acupuncture

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Weird, wacky and wonderful! Here are some of the oddest work perks that we have come across this week.

12 weeks of life leave every year, Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young, an accounting firm with locations all around the world, gives its Australian employees six to 12 weeks of “life leave” each year. During this time employees can choose to work part-time, travel or simply to do nothing. Just think of all the counties you could visit with 84 days off!

Care for older relatives, Prudential

Prudential is an American Fortune 500 company. The brand offers its employees a comprehensive adult care benefits package. The package includes 200 hours of free backup dependent care per employee. Plus, they also match 25% of pretax funds that an employee puts into his or her reimbursement account for dependent care(up to $4,000).

Complimentary car, Tesla

How would you like a free car? Well, if you work at Tesla you can take part in their complimentary carpooling programme. Employees can drive one of the company’s cars to work and keep it on the weekends. Sounds like a great excuse for a road trip.

On-site acupuncture, Twitter

We all know that Twitter employees get a whole host of exciting perks e.g. a free laundry service and complimentary yoga classes, but did you know that the social media giant also provides their employers with on-site acupuncture sessions? We’re not going to lie, it doesn’t sound like a great way to spend your lunch break.

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