We’ve partnered with Silicon Canals, here’s what you need to know

By December 17, 2019For Companies

Another day, another exciting publisher joins Jobbio’s partner network. 

We’re delighted to welcome Netherlands-based online news media brand Silicon Canals to our ever growing community of partners. The partnership will see the creation of Silicon Canals’ European Technology Jobs, a channel that connects readers directly with Europe’s leading tech opportunities. 

Remco Janssen, Silicon Canals Founder, says the partnership is coming at a time of high growth across Europe with cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, France and Hamburg experiencing a particular surge. This has resulted in a sharper focus on hiring. 

“Right now, Europe is in a fierce battle to keep up with the US, China and other upcoming markets. At the same time, this leads to a war for talent as it is vital for European technology companies’ growth strategy. Thanks to our partner Jobbio, we’ll be able to serve both fast-growing tech companies and job seekers with a seamless recruitment platform,” he said.

For companies it means access to unique and dynamic audiences while for talent it offers a new and more efficient way of hearing about job opportunities.

Our CEO, Stephen Quinn echoed Janssen’s sentiment adding that media brands and publishers will continue to take a more active role in talent attraction. “In this market, all candidates are passive candidates. You need to engage them with quality content on platforms they love. That’s why we’re so happy to be adding Silicon Canals’ valuable audience to our partner network.”

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