Why your employer brand is more important than ever

By April 20, 2020For Companies

Its is a very strange time right now, we can’t deny that. With things being tough for everyone, it can be hard to look at the good stuff.

But there are things that are putting a smile on our faces every day like multiple Zoom quizzes with friends, hilarious memes circulating the internet and the inspiring companies and organisations who are responding to COVID – 19 with compassion and empathy.

It has been very uplifting seeing companies face the COVID – 19 challenges head-on with humanity, creativity and kindness.  When things are going well, it is easy for a leader to do their job, however, during these tough times, it becomes a lot more challenging. Likewise, your company culture and employer brand are not just about how you act in the good times, it is how you act in the times of uncertainty too.

Companies are showing their compassion and being responsive in many ways. Aldi has announced a 10% bonus for staff in their stores and distribution centres, Apple is donating millions of masks for health professionals in the USA and Europe and Gregg’s has confirmed all of their workers will be paid throughout the store closures. And these are only a few of the hundreds of inspiring examples out there. 

So why now, is your employer brand more important than ever?

Maintaining engaged & enthusiastic employees

People will remember how these companies responded to this crisis. Your reputation as a company drastically impacts both recruiting and retention so businesses should be encouraged to put emphasis on building a positive employer brand.  Maintaining an engaged remote workforce is the main concern at the moment when it comes to employer branding. Many companies are not in a position to act as the above companies have whether it be helping communities or offering an array of perks and benefits. However, you can still treat your employees with compassion, kindness and honesty. How you treat your employees will have a long-lasting impact on their engagement and productivity.

Right now employees are concerned about their health and wellbeing, finances and job security so employers need to step up as best they can to help their employees address these anxieties. The most important things companies can do is to simply stay thoughtful in communications and respectful of each other.

Hiring will happen again

What your employees are saying about your company has the greatest influence on your employer brand. This is especially important as we live in a digital world of social media and company review sites such as Glassdoor. Job seekers check out these platforms before deciding to apply for a job. Our research shows that 78% of people would look into a Company’s reputation as employers before applying for a job.

Hiring will happen again, and in times like this, if your employees are not happy and engaged, presenting your company as the employer of choice and a great place to work will be impossible. Make sure employees have a space to share how they are doing and how they are adapting with their new routine working from home. A question future candidates will ask is ‘How did you handle your employees during the coronavirus outbreak?’ How businesses respond will be remembered. 

Your employer brand will connect with your consumer brand.

Of course, a top priority for companies is the health and well being of their employees but it is also important to note that during these times, your consumer brand and employer brand will connect. Organisations showing up for their employees is one of the top reasons consumers trust any given company. According to Edelman Trust Barometer, 78% of people believe how a company treats its employees is one of the best indicators of its level of trustworthiness. So by communicating frequently and clearly, you are increasing loyalty with your employees and your consumers. Employers who are communicating poorly during this crisis are creating distrust.  When it comes down to it, both employees and consumers want to know they are working with companies who are thoughtful, honest and authentic.

As we are all facing a new reality, it is taking time to adjust and learn. Employers actions now will affect their business’s in years to come. Discerning companies that have heart and are tackling issues with genuine and good intentions will come out of this storm having maintained a strong employer brand.

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