Welcome to phase two: what exactly can we do and not do from today?

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Phase two is officially in full swing!

Ladies and gentlemen, today is a great day. As of today, as a nation, we officially enter Phase Two (or phase two plus) of the reopening of the country. 

On Friday, Leo Varadkar addressed the country, to inform us all that not only was phase two on track, but also that the phases were to be accelerated. This means that instead of 5 phases, there will now be for, speeding up the whole reopening process. 

So, what exactly does this new version of phase two mean for us all? 

phase two

You can travel within your county

As part of our new accelerated roadmap, people will be allowed to travel anywhere within their own county, or up to 20km from home, whichever is greater from today. Despite this, the government is still encouraging people to stay local as much as possible.

Shops are opening

As of today, the vast majority of shops will be able to open their doors, while shopping centres will open on the 15th of June. There will be dedicated hours for those who are over 70 or in an at-risk group.

All businesses that are reopening will have to comply with the government’s mandatory return-to-work health and safety protocols and ensure strict adherence to social distancing rules. 

phase two

Social visits

In terms of social visits, up to six people from different households can now meet up both indoors and outdoors for a short period while maintaining strict social distancing. Also, this number has been extended to fifteen for outdoor activities such as sport.

phase two

Visit libraries, playgrounds and send kids to outdoor summer camps

All going to plan, on June 29th, we’ll enter the next phase which will hopefully see bars, restaurants and hotels open. We should also be able to travel anywhere within Ireland once phase three is in full swing. 

We’re getting there folks! 

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