Welcome to Phase Three: here’s everything you need to know

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We’re officially in Phase Three.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a very important week. As of yesterday, as a nation, we officially entered Phase Three of the reopening of the country. 

Last month, we learned that instead of 5 phases, there will now be four, speeding up the whole reopening process. So here we are, at the second last phase. And things are really starting to feel normal again (well, this new kind of normal anyway!)

So, what exactly does phase three mean for us all?

phase three

Easing of stay local

You can now travel anywhere in Ireland, which is a lovely turn of events for people who haven’t seen their families in months.

Face coverings

Face coverings are recommended for public transport, retail outlets, and other places where it is difficult to maintain social distancing.

Education and childcare

The following have been allowed to reopen:

  • All adult education facilities
  • Creches, childminding facilities and pre-schools
  • Summer camps
  • Youth clubs
  • All indoor and outdoor amenities for children

PHASE three

Businesses that can reopen:

  • Wellbeing services – for example: chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology and homoeopathy
  • Hairdressers, barbers, nail and brow salons, beauty salons, spas, make-up application services, tanning, tattooing and piercing services
  • Driving schools
  • All remaining retail (for example, bookmakers), services and commercial activities
  • Driving tests as well as volunteer and other driving services may recommence.

phase three


The following social gatherings will be allowed:

Indoor gatherings of up to 50 people when conducted in line with public health advice are permissible.

Outdoor gatherings of up to 200 people when conducted in line with public health advice are permissible.

The following businesses may reopen:

Cafés and restaurants providing on premises food and beverages

Pubs and hotel bars operating as restaurants

Hotels, hostels, caravan parks and holiday parks

We’re getting there folks!

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