5 things to include in a job posting to ensure you make the best hire for your business

Writing the perfect job posting can be a tricky one…

It’s not an exact science, but it is so important to put effort and attention into creating a job posting. These days, it’s all about finding the perfect fit for a brand, not just the person with the ‘perfect’ experience, or education. A job posting is a way to ensure you attract the most suitable talent for your business, with specifics being the key. 

Here are a few things to consider when writing up a job description…

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Job Details

One thing we find important here at Jobbio, is the details. When you are writing up your job posting, don’t hold back in terms of information surrounding the role. The more detailed your post is, the more specialised the people hiring will be. Include everything from daily tasks, to more long term projects attached to the job. Along with that, be sure to list some skills and experience that you’re looking for. 


These days, companies have so much more to offer prospective employees, other than a salary. If you are hiring for a company that has great perks or interesting ‘extras’, be sure to include them. Do you do morning yoga on a Thursday? Do you give your staff their birthday off? Or, do you allow people to bring their dogs to work? These are all worth including in your job posting. 

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Growth Opportunities

We know that you want to hire someone that wants to stay in your company, and grow with the business (that’s the main aim, right?) If you can, try and include something in your job posting about opportunities for growth, training and up-skilling within the company. Is there a possibility that this role could turn into a managerial one? Mention that! You want to find someone who has that ambition. 


Including a salary in a job posting can be tricky, and not everyone chooses to do it. However, we certainly see the benefits to including a salary (even if it’s a ballpark figure). Sometimes, people have a number in their head of what the can afford to earn, and may read a job and draw the conclusion it wouldn’t be enough for them. Hey, it happens. However, with the inclusion of a salary, you might just land the right talent. 

Employer Brand

This is by far the most important element of any job posting on Jobbio. The inclusion of your employer brand can ensure you access the right talent for your business, you align themselves to your company and what it stands for. Lucky for you, we have an Employer Branding Team that is made up of only the best photographers, videographers, copywriters, project managers and branding experts in the industry. We can help you identify what’s unique about your company culture so candidates know why you’re an employer of choice. We showcase your team and culture through unique and engaging content, attracting the right talent to your roles. 

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