Here are some good news stories that happened this week

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These good news stories are guaranteed to make you smile.

We did it! Another week down, lads. It was a tough one, wasn’t it? But we’re getting there. 

The whole working from home, self isolation thing is really starting to weigh people down (myself included). Plus, we were faced with a lot of unrest over the last few weeks, in terms of racial unrest all over the world. 

I know things are getting harder as the days go on, and it feels like there is no end in sight. However, as I’ve said before, this isn’t forever, and life will return to what it once was eventually. And frankly, we can’t wait! 

Until then, I want to share some good news stories with you every week, to take away from the doom and gloom that had been populating the news over the last while.

good news stories

Phase Two PLUS

Progress, folks! On Monday, Ireland entered Phase Two (or phase two plus) of the reopening of the country post Coronavirus. We are still, of course, living alongside this virus, but things are slowly going back to normal! 

As part of our new accelerated roadmap, people are now allowed to travel anywhere within their own county, or up to 20km from home. Shops all over the country have reopened, with more to open in the coming days. And, majorly, in terms of social visits, up to six people from different households can now meet up both indoors and outdoors for a short period while maintaining strict social distancing. Also, this number has been extended to fifteen for outdoor activities such as sport.

You love to see it! 

good news stories

New Zealand

Guys, if anyone is looking for an example of how leadership should work, look no further than New Zealand. This week, the country was declared completely free of the Coronavirus, seeing all restrictions lifted. How incredible?

Speaking at a press conference, the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said:

“We are ready! New Zealanders have united in unprecedented ways to crush the virus.” It can be done folks! 

George Floyd’s daughter

Texas Southern University has offered George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter Gianna a full scholarship to the institution should she choose to attend when she reaches college-age. How lovely is that?

According to University’s Facebook post, the gesture aims to honour “the memory of George Floyd on the day that he is laid to eternal rest.” “Mr. Floyd was a lifelong citizen of the Third Ward and a revered graduate of Jack Yates High School. The Board, in conjunction with the TSU Foundation Board, has approved a fund to provide a full scholarship for Floyd’s beloved daughter, Gianna,” the post continued.

GAA for Gucci

This is just one of those stories that will make any Irish person laugh. If you have watched Normal People, you will know who Paul Mescal is. The young Irish actor has sky rocketed into fame following his portrayal of Connell Waldron. As incredible as his acting is, Mescal’s “tiny GAA shorts” have also become quite the topic online.  And it looks like he has started a major global fashion trend. 

This week, Gucci revealed some new pieces on their website, the stand out item being a pair of shorts for men, that look EXACTLY like a pair of GAA shorts. Gas. As one Twitter user said: “No man has done more for O’Neill’s”.

Stay safe folks! 

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