How to quit your job in the most professional way possible

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It can be daunting to know how to quit your job the right way.

So, you have made the decision to leave your job. You may have been offered a brilliant new opportunity, or you may just have made the decision to move on and look for something else. But regardless of the situation, it is always stressful to hand in your notice, and tell your boss that you’re leaving. Quitting a job is just part of working life, but there are certain things you should do when officially resigning, to ensure you leave on good terms.

quitting your job

Read through your contract

Before you type up anything, or arrange a meeting, be sure to comb through your employment contract. Why? Well, you need to make sure you know what your notice period is, and also if you happen to have a non-compete agreement built into your contract (these are rare, but can pop up for more senior roles). 

Tell your boss in person

If at all possible, try to avoid quitting your job over the phone or via email. it just isn’t a great practice for a professional. Schedule a brief meeting with your boss and use that time to hand in your notice, and thank them for everything. Trust me, they will appreciate it. 

quitting your job

Don’t be negative

As my mother always says, you never know when you will meet people again in life, best not to ruffle feathers if at all possible. This is very true when it comes to quitting your job. You will more than likely be asked why you’re leaving, and when you are, try to remain as positive as possible (or neutral if you really have nothing nice to say.) Mention how you learned a lot, enjoyed the experience, but it’s just time for you to move on. 

Write a letter 

A lot of people wonder about whether or not they should write an actual letter of resignation. Do you really have to, if you’ve told your boss you’re leaving? Yes. It’s best to have a brief letter outlining the fact that you’re leaving, acknowledging your last day and any other specifics. Plus, it will be helpful for the company’s records!  

quitting your job

Offer a helping hand 

When you are chatting with your boss, make sure to offer any assistance you can give with regards to the transition period. You can help to hire your replacement, and also assist them in training. Your boss will be very appreciative of the help. 

Say goodbye properly 

Don’t just leave on your last day without saying goodbye to your colleagues and your boss. Make a point of thanking everyone and expressing your gratitude. Buy a thank you card and some chocolates – works a charm. 

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