How to Answer the Most Common Sales Interview Questions

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Summer is the perfect time to reflect on your career goals. Are you really happy in your current role or could things be better?

If you have a job interview coming up, look no further. Here are some of the most common sales interview questions that you should prepare. 

“Tell me about your previous work experience.”

At the beginning of your interview, the HR manager will usually ask you to summarise your previous experience. Tell them about your career in chronological order. Mention your day-to-day tasks, key projects and any promotions. You want to pique their interest without boring them.

“What interests you about this position?”

This is your chance to show the interviewer that you have properly researched the company. Mention key points like the company culture and career progression opportunities. Be as specific as possible, if you admire some of their past marketing campaigns, tell them.

“Are you familiar with our products?”

You should always take some time to learn about the company’s product before an interview. Think of some innovative ways to sell it and bring ideas to your interview. They might not use them but they will be impressed by your enthusiasm.

“How do you keep up to date with your target market?”

All good salespeople are in touch with their target audience. You need to show your interviewer that you understand their wants and needs. Do you stay on top of industry news online? Are you active on LinkedIn? Prepare some valid ways that you monitor your customers.

“How do you generate leads?”

Prospecting/lead generation is a key component of sales but the truth is that many salespeople aren’t very good at it. Like the previous question, you need to describe a specific process that shows you are committed to lead generation. Ambiguity should be avoided.

sales interview questions

“What motivates you to sell?”

Hint: the answer should not involve commissions or bonuses. Yes, money is important, but it’s not everything. Instead, say something personal, perhaps your family motivates you or the chance to progress in your career. Be truthful!

“What are your favourite questions to ask prospects?”

The interviewer is weighing up how considerate you are. Do you put your clients’ needs first? Do you actively seek feedback? Choose your answers carefully.

“If you were hired for this position what would you do during your first month with the company?”

Be ambitious but also realistic. During your first month, you will need to spend a lot of time getting to grips with the company’s systems. Mention one passion project that you would like to take on during your first 30 days. It might never happen but it’s good to show them that you’re excited about the prospect.

“What do you think our sales team could do better?”

This question requires some foresight. Before your interview, you should research the company’s pain points. Find something that they could improve and offer a solution. Remember that they are more likely to hire someone that actively solves problems, instead of just moaning about them.

“How do you handle missed sales opportunities?”

Disappointment is common in the sales industry.  However, how you deal with these setbacks is very important. Your interviewer wants to know that you take time to evaluate your mistakes so that you don’t make them again.

“What are the top three skills for sales in your opinion?”

You should always list skills or attributes that you already have. Back them up with real-life examples.

“Describe a time when you had a difficult prospect. How did you deal with it?”

Choose your example carefully. Demonstrate skills like problem-solving and people-management. You also want to make sure that the story ends on a happy note.

“Why should I hire you?”

At the end of the day, you’re a salesperson. So, you have to sell them on why they should hire you. Give three or four concise, compelling, and powerful points as to why you’re best-suited for the job.

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