The Amply Edit: Emerging tech hubs and how to snag a T&D budget

Our Amply network continues to expand across the globe, and our content team has been busy working with leading publishers on insights on the top tech skills to have in 2022, upskilling and exploring emerging tech hubs. 

From making the most out of a career in media with some canny tips on negotiating a training and development budget out of your boss, to discovering the top tech skills to have in 2022, plus a guide to the emerging tech seen in Vancouver, we’ve got you covered. 

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10 in-demand tech skills for 2022

Wondering where should you pitch your career tent? A good place to start is by looking at the top 10 most in-demand tech skills in 2002. Jobbio’s Kirstie McDermott takes a look at the largest tech market in the world, the US, which represents 33% of the global total. 

If you’re working in this sector, you’ll be glad to read CompTIA’s Cyberstates report that finds that by 2025, the IT services and custom software development services sector has an estimated jobs multiplier of 4.8. This means for every job in this tech subsector, an estimated 4.8 additional jobs are created or supported through direct, indirect, or induced means – great news for the economy as a whole.

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How to ask your boss for a training and development budget

The media industry is a rapidly changing beast, so the need for constant upskilling is the key to safeguarding a long and prosperous career. This week on Mediatel, Jobbio contributor Amanda Kavanagh shares advice on how to negotiate a budget for training and development with your boss. From ‘framing your ask’ to ‘knowing when to walk away’, you’ll be well armed to make sure your career reaches the next level.

While a bottomless budget for third-level education would certainly feel like a win, it can also result in a considerable time commitment, with lots of strings attached. Kavanagh asks: “Could you gain more hands-on training elsewhere? Would the right camera or software better help you up your game? Or would networking really benefit your career? Do consider the benefits of more informal types of education and development too.”

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A guide to working in the Vancouver tech scene

In continuation of our coverage of innovative tech hubs around the world for Information Age, Jobbio contributor, Pippa Hardy explores what the Vancouver tech scene has to offer. 

During 2019 and 2020, the Canadian city added 12,900 tech jobs, even in the middle of a major global pandemic. It’s now the third largest in North America, behind only Toronto and Seattle. Nicknamed ‘Techouver’, the city is home to several world-class universities, which attract top talent from across the globe.

Vancouver has numerous talent incubators which help develop an innovative and multi-cultural workforce. And it also doesn’t hurt that British Columbia’s general corporate income tax is just 27%, and the region has the lowest personal income taxes in Canada. Add in a cracking climate, amazing recreational opportunities and stunning landscapes and it’s no surprise that Vancouver is drawing top tech talent. 

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