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This week, we explored the benefits of choosing your days in the office wisely, highlighted an area of IT that’s a safe bet for ambitious workers and offered lessons in how to bag that pay rise you so richly deserve. 

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Want A Stable Career? Switch To The Cloud

Jobbio contributor Aisling O’Toole explores the growth of cloud computing and the associated potential for those seeking a rewarding and profitable career plan over on Finextra.

Professionals experienced with cloud technologies, certified to work with cloud providers and familiar with programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, and Python have been able to demand an average 4.3% salary increase annually, with that number expected to rise sharply as demand for their knowledge grows.

She goes on to say: “Average salaries within the sector tend to start at $140,000 for cloud associates, rising to $235,000 for directors and executives.”

Sky High: Finextra

What’s The Most Popular Day In The Office?

Can you guess which day wins for in-office attendance? Jobbio’s senior content manager, Kirstie McDermott explores the most beneficial days of the week to WFH versus the office via The London Economic. The results may surprise you.

“Those conscious of climbing the career ladder should opt to work from home on Tuesdays but come back to the office on Wednesdays so they’re clearly visible and available for midweek check-ins. Those keen to shoulder their weekends should opt to work from home on a Thursday but from the office on a Friday, as recruitment research shows that employers are less likely to pay attention to early finishes and long lunches at the end of the week – encouraging that weekend feeling on a Wednesday evening.”

Daylight Hours: The London Economic

How To Ask For A Payrise And Get It

With inflation rising fast, a pay rise may help to counter some of the challenges that lie ahead. Jobbio’s Kirstie McDermott shares insights on evaluating your worth and how to perfect your pitch to achieve a successful result over on VentureBeat.

“According to a survey from Mercer, the human resources consulting firm, 45% of employers are not factoring inflation into salary budgets. The company surveyed 300 U.S. employers in March and discovered that less than a quarter will make changes to their salary budgets because of inflation, despite the fact that 42% reported that they have been asked by their employees’ to take financial actions to help with rising costs.”

“Given the current climate, how do you go about making an iron-clad case that will get you a salary bump?” McDermott suggests a few tried-and-tested tactics to ascertain your worth and state your case for a pay rise. 

The Right Notes: VentureBeat

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