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Creating world class content for Amply’s rapidly expanding global media network is just one way in which we enrich our publishing partnerships. With so much activity in the jobs market right now, there is a lot of ground to cover.

This week, we added to our Amply network with the news of an exciting new strategic partnership with, and as always, we produced a lot of quality coverage. Here is a look at some of the features our dedicated content team produced over the last seven days:

Money is on our minds this week as we focus on a host of pay-related topics across our partner network. On FinExtra we look at how you can add to your bank balance by switching jobs, and on GrowthBusiness, we take a look at new salary transparency measures being introduced in the UK. On Euronews, we discover Eindhoven’s rich tech ecosystem and why it is – and continues to be – such a success story.

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Job switchers are earning a lot more money

You might love your job, but does it love you back, asks Jobbio’s senior content manager Kirstie McDermott on FinExtra. One of the hardest things to reconcile about a role you’ve been in for a while is trying to have your value recognised in terms of getting a salary increment.

Plenty of people need pay rises right now. In the UK, incomes are failing to keep up with the cost of living as inflation rises. Currently at 9.4%, it is far outstripping the benefit gained from the traditional 2% or 3% cost of living raise some companies offer their staff. Effectively, many people have far less to spend in 2022 as energy, petrol, and grocery prices skyrocket. We look into how switching roles can get you paid.

Get paid:

Tech put Dutch city Eindhoven on the map. Here’s why you should look for your next job here

As the birthplace of Philips electronics, Eindhoven’s association with innovation is nothing new, writes Jobbio contributor Amanda Kavanagh on Euronews. In recent years, new energies and ideas, fostered by the collaboration of industry and education institutions, have helped create a world-leading ecosystem of R&D engineering in this Dutch city.

Industries such as green energy, hardware, AI, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), med tech, transportation, security and nanotechnology are all at the forefront, with success stories continuously emerging from other tech industries too.

Go Dutch:

Salary transparency – is it happening in the UK?

Over 80% of US employers who carried out pay equity audits uncovered equity gaps in their organisations, writes Kirstie McDermott on UK entrepreneur website, GrowthBusiness. That’s why it is good news that the UK government has announced a new initiative designed to improve salary transparency in the job application process. Primarily aimed at bringing parity to pay for women, the scheme will roll out to participating employers which will run pilots aimed at closing salary gaps by publishing salaries on all job adverts.

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