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Creating world-class content for Amply’s rapidly expanding global media network is just one way in which we enrich our partnerships. With so much activity in the jobs market right now, there is a lot of ground to cover.

We’re in deep holiday mode across our partner network this week, taking a look at the practical aspects of “workations” as the world opens back up to travel and many tech companies allow their people to work remotely for 60 to 90 days a year. We also take the view that August is in fact, a great month to look for a job. We review the current layoff-heavy environment in tech and examine what this means for job seekers.

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Take a workation

Amid mounting layoffs, which EU companies are currently hiring?

After years of huge investment in tech companies, interest rates are rising and big funding announcements are slowing down. Add to this the pressures of the war in Ukraine, supply chain disruption and rising inflation, and businesses are now making tough decisions, writes Jobbio contributor Amanda Kavanagh on Euronews.

While there is more competition for roles at the moment, and applicants must really go above and beyond to stand out from the crowd, she tempers this by pointing out that mass redundancies also mean that those organisations which are hiring at the moment are likely still doing so with clear, long-term strategic rationale behind each hire. There’s a lot more talk of “essential hires,” which signals some stability.

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Why August is actually a good month to find a job

Jobbio’s senior content manager Kirstie McDermott offers a rebuttal to the usual thinking that August is a dead-end month for job seekers on City A.M. 

She posits that a job advertised in August is potentially one that needs to be filled fast. It’s likely the company is ready to move at speed. Submitting your application for a freshly-advertised position now means you’re also at an advantage because less people will be applying – after all, it’s the summer, they’re all off enjoying themselves, eh?

That means less CVs for a hiring manager to go through, and so yours can stand out. You’ve really got a chance to get a great role this month, with far less competition.

Put down the piña colada, and get applying.

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5 tips to get the most out of your ‘workation’

As we reach the dog days of summer, Jobbio contributor Pippa Hardy is taking a look at something that is becoming increasingly popular: the “workation”, on our partner The Next Web.

Remote workers are now deciding to pack up their laptops and work from different locations around the world. So, instead of completing your 9-5 at a kitchen table in Trieste, you could be working from a French chateau or a vineyard in Tuscany, she writes. But the concept isn’t without its critics: a recent poll showed that many people are unsure about workcations, with 53% saying a vacation should be a vacation, end of.

En vacance:

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