How to get over FOBO, navigate ambient gaslighting & leave a new job you hate in less than a year

By October 6, 2023For Companies

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This week on Metro, we’re looking at the latest acronym on every worker’s lips: FOBO aka the fear of becoming obsolete as generative AI continues to offer faster and more efficient alternatives when it comes to completing everyday tasks. The theme continues on Professional Beauty where we explore the concept of ambient gaslighting and what to do if you feel like your manager or colleagues are diminishing your authority or you’re constantly being overlooked, albeit in a very subtle way. The good news is that you don’t have to stay in a job that doesn’t value you or your skills, even if you signed on the dotted line less than a year ago. Silicon Canals is looking at new hire’s remorse and offering practical advice about what to do if you quickly realise your new job isn’t the right fit. 

Move over FOMO, there’s a new acronym in town 

Forget FOMO aka the fear of missing out, what workers are now really concerned about is FOBO, the fear of becoming obsolete, writes content editor Aoibhinn Mc Bride on Metro

According to recent research, FOBO is a growing concern for workers, young and old thanks to the explosion of generative AI and its ability to do the tasks usually assigned to those at the start of their careers in entry-level jobs are feeling the heat. 

However, the robots are not winning (for now) and if you’re feeling insecure in your current position or are worried about how your skills stack up against AI, honing your soft skills, no matter what stage you’re at in your career, is essential. 

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Shining a light on subtle undercurrents of disrespect in the workplace — and what to do about it 

Have you ever been told to stop taking things personally if you question the status quo? Or perhaps your manager has taken a project or task off you midway through and asked your colleague to finish it instead?

You could be experiencing ambient gaslighting at work, writes contributor Aisling O’Toole. Gaslighting in the workplace has become more recognisable, with 58% of workers saying they’ve experienced it but ambient gaslighting can be more difficult to prove but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it. 

Instead, she advises, keep records, set boundaries and confide in a colleague you know you can trust who can also act as a sounding board. 

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Can you really quit a new job in less than a year?

You’ve navigated the interview process, negotiated a higher salary and have signed on the dotted line, only to realise you’ve made a huge mistake and you hate your new job.

If you hate your new job and aren’t sure what to do next, don’t panic, writes contributor Doug Whelan. Hating your new job isn’t the end of the world and is more common than you think but it’s vital to think carefully before jumping ship.

For starters, evaluate whether things are likely to change and if you feel there’s potential there, speak to your line manager about your concerns and how you want to address them. 

But be realistic: if a company doesn’t align with your values or the role you’ve been hired to do doesn’t fit with your skills and experience and doesn’t offer the kind of professional development you’re looking for, cutting your losses could be the way to go.

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