3 Key Takeaways We Gained From Attending The Publishing Show in 2023

On a recent visit to The Publishing Show in London, Team Jobbio picked up a few key takeaways concerning the industry today. 

After a packed couple of days in London, meeting industry leaders and sharing the unique revenue proposition we offer publishers worldwide, Team Jobbio learned what’s driving change in the publishing industry in a post-pandemic world. 


What Do Publishers Really Care About in 2023?


1 Chat GPT / AI

One of the biggest topics of conversation among publishers at this year’s conference was, predictably, ChatGPT and AI. While the former represents an incredible milestone in the evolution of technology it also poses a threat to the very foundations of publishing. Many in the industry are wondering how they can prevent their content being ‘stolen’ by ChatGPT. Others, meanwhile, are actively pursuing the potential to monetise the situation. When life gives you lemons…   

2. The News Media Bargaining Code – will it come to the UK and Europe?

It has been estimated news content drives £1 billion in annual revenues for Google and FB in the UK. Following the Australian News Media Bargaining code, where it’s been claimed Australian news organisations have received between $150m – $200m AUD from deals  with Tech companies, UK publishers are calling for similar compensation to level the playing field. 

Team Jobbio attend The Publishing Show

Team Jobbio attended The Publishing Show in London.

3. Reader experience V revenue – what’s the trade off?

Digital publishers know one way to make more money is to put more ads on the page, thus delivering more impressions. But those who have tried it know this negatively impacts reader experience. 

It also prompts the question: how relevant are those ads anyway? The answer is challenging publishers to look for new ways to encourage editorial and revenue teams to work together to produce more relevant, high-quality, commercial content. 

Publishers were interested to learn that Jobbio’s Amply network offers a solution to that very challenge. Our trusted media network delivers a customisable job board, offering added value for readers, plus an innovative way publishers can generate guaranteed revenue every month. 

Want to learn more?

If you couldn’t make it to The Publishing Show this year, but are eager to learn more how Amply can maximise your audience engagement and unlock a new revenue stream for publishers, get in touch today


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