The Jobbio Team travelled to Vail, Colorado to showcase our Amply network with leading publishers. Here are a few key takeaways from the event… 

After a packed few days of skiing meeting industry leaders and sharing the unique revenue proposition the Amply network offers publishers, Team Jobbio discovered some of the key issues impacting the industry today. 

1. 2023 will be a challenging year for publishers from a revenue point of view

– Q4 was described as ‘Not Great’, with Q1 considered ‘Tough’ and Q2 ‘Uncertain’.

2. Private Programmatic is a trend for publishers

– There’s only a limited number of invite-only advertisers who can bid on the inventory of premium publishers. However, in order to do this successfully publishers need to have first party data.
– Publishers talked about how 5 new privacy laws that are coming/have come into effect recently have made this more challenging. 
– Everyone is concerned about creating a respectful ad experience for readers.

Two senior members of Team Jobbio attend Digiday's Publishing Summit in Vail, Colorado

Jobbio’s Phil Gannon and Owen Reynolds travelled to Vail, Colorado to share how the Amply network can solve some of the challenges facing publishers today.

3. ChatGPT is a concern

– DotDash Meredith are on the record as saying that they will not have ChatGPT write their content, however, they may integrate it into their CMS and processes in order to help.
– There’s still a lot of uncertainty as to what ChatGPT will really mean for publishers in the future.


4. Affiliate and E-commerce is very popular for publishers

– 81% of media companies said that Commerce Content plays an important role for them.
– Most publishers are doing affiliate through roundups (e.g. lists with links off to Amazon). 
– Google is now punishing brands unless they have actually reviewed the product themselves.
Wirecutter (NY Times) and Reviewed (USA Today) were held up as examples of publishers who are actually testing the products. 
Jobbio's Amply dollars pictured in Vail, Colorado where we shared how our Amply network can help publishers to generate guaranteed revenue.
Jobbio’s Amply dollars spotted in the ‘wilds’ of Vail, Colorado at Digiday’s Publishing Summit. (Hand: Model’s own.)

5. Amply offers publishers a valuable solution to many of these challenges

Jobbio’s Amply network allows publishers an innovative way to engage and monetise their existing audience through the creation of a bespoke job board. We build the tech, provide a feed of relevant jobs for their audience, and help you to drive engagement to your job board. Companies will pay to post their job on these job boards and get it in front of your readership. Publishers with valuable audiences are guaranteed a monthly revenue, plus CPC. 

Want to learn more? Of course you do.

Learn more how Amply can maximise your audience engagement and unlock a new revenue stream, get in touch today

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