5 top takeaways from Indeed’s tech roundtable in London

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The Jobbio team popped over to London last week to attend a tech roundtable at Indeed’s London HQ.

With experts from Indeed, Stack Overflow and Glassdoor providing data-driven insights, here’s what we thought were the standout stats from the day.

1. Job seekers are up by 20%

Indeed’s Darina Jiang and Alexander Groutides told us that their data indicates that hiring remains competitive, and is not slowing down. Competition for candidates is high, and so for employers, it’s important that they think about adjusting their strategies.

While the volume of jobs seen during the pandemic has dropped, demand for jobs has increased, with job seeker growth outpacing available job advertisements. Job posts are growing in tech, and job seeker growth is catching up too.

Indeed says this year there is a 20% increase in job seekers, but a marginal decrease in available jobs.

Indeed eventIndustry insights at Indeed

“Searches for jobs in the UK from abroad are higher than those searching for EU roles”

2. People will move countries for software development roles

Indeed’s data shows that searches for jobs in the UK from abroad are higher than those searching for EU roles. 

The UK is seen as a desirable market, and a magnet for jobs. Queries for roles here have consistently seen higher search volume since 2017.

Software development searches have a 7% share in foreign searches too, and there is a 15% Ukrainian interest in the UK for software roles.

London HQ IndeedIndeed’s London HQ

3. AI is having an impact

How is artificial intelligence, specifically generative AI impacting on hiring? The audience was asked about the use of AI in recruitment and people variously said they were interested in it in terms of making tasks simpler, and for cover letters, keywords and job descriptions.

4. Candidates should think outside of the box

Justin White from Glassdoor made a really interesting point about the sort of companies tech workers should be looking at for their next role. 

Tech workers are a sought-after group and they often have multiple offers. “As a result companies need to set themselves apart––you’ll likely already be aware of the culture at a company such as Apple, but now we’re seeing the end of tech exceptionality.” 

Tech candidates should look to non-tech competitors which are also hiring for their skills. In non-traditional tech, the money is better as companies are vying for the best talent. For example, Glassdoor says “non-tech” companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Northrop Grumman, and CGI are among the top companies hiring for tech talent right now.

Indeed mugs

Networking, quick coffees and personal relationships all matter for job-seekers

5. Personal referrals are king

Eighty per cent of all tech role applications are organic, yet they represent only about half of hires. This means that personal referrals really matter. Whether it’s through an employee referral program or your former boss tapping you up for a job at their new company, it is clear that developing good interpersonal relationships are key for tech workers.

“80% of all tech role applications are organic, yet they represent only about half of hires”

Networking doesn’t have to be a pain. It can be as simple as connecting with the right people on your professional social channels; building strategic––but authentic––relationships where you are working right now, or attending relevant industry events where you can get in front of people you’d love to work with.

Want to learn more? Of course you do.

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