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Nobó are the husband and wife team Brian and Rachel Nolan who are ‘dedicated to creating supremely delicious and healthy, dairy free foods’. Their dairy free ice-cream range is currently available in 175 stores across the country from small health food shops up to Supervalu.

After making the shift from advertising and finance work in New York, where, they were exposed to the best health in the world, the couple took a leap of faith by working in a restaurant in the Italian countryside for five months to see if life dedicated to the food trade was for them.

So far Nobó has been a success. ‘We launched it into stores about 11 months ago,’ says Brian. ‘We’re in about 175 stores at the moment and should be adding about another 100 in the next few months so should be at around 250 by the end of our first year.’

That success has been the product of not just a well- researched and quality product but a level of dedication which leaves little time for anything outside the core business. Every spoonful of Nobó is made by the couple in Dublin.

‘There’s a reality when your working for yourself that you could be working seven days a week and different hours every day, says Rachel. ‘It’s not a nine-to-five mindset. I love the fact that it’s different and you’re responsible for the shape of the company and the branding which is something both of us find fun to work on.’

A small team with big ambition, Nobó is one of the food companies at the fore front of what Rachel says is a boom in parallel to the growing market of tech start-ups. But while the opportunities are there to keep growing, the resources and infrastructures aren’t always.

‘You just don’t have the resources to do a big research for new employees,’ says Brian. ‘What Jobbio offers us is the ability to do a search without having to invest loads of money into. And we can create a homepage that fits with the brand we’ve built without having to invest any of the money that it would take to do ourselves.’

‘The two options you have as a small business are to keep your search very basic and just ask people to email you, but that just doesn’t cut it anymore. People expect more and need to have some interactivity with the business. The the other option is for us to build a more in-depth careers page which for a small business like us is not really a runner.’

‘What Jobbio offers is incredibly high quality and it does a lot more for engagement with talent which is key for us. We’re then engaging with someone who has had more interaction with the company than someone just applying for every job posting they see. That’s really powerful for us.’

‘We’re a husband and wife who started this business from scratch so we’re very precious about bringing someone in. We have to make sure that a person has the same passion and drive that we’ve had since the start and I think with Jobbio it’s easier to see who might have that. The Jobbio format showcases the talent in a way that really speaks to us.’

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