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Coined in 2010 by Sean Ellen, the term Growth Hacker has rapidly taken over job descriptions of, not exclusively, but mostly startups. Startup marketers looking to differentiate themselves from their counterparts in corporate quickly picked up the term. Growth dynamics between a startup and an established company do vary incomparably – while the former is designed for colossal growth (going from 0 to 10s of millions of users in several years), the latter enjoys a much bigger pool of tools and human resources (and, as a result, has a much tighter decision-making culture).

Photo Shape Editor: https://www.tuxpi.com/photo-effects/shape-toolMarketing veterans usually stress Growth Hacking is not a new practice but just a new term. Conversion, engagement, retention – all stay among the most important metrics, with growth dominating all analytics. Global Marketing Manager at Startupbootcamp, Matthew Eisner, told us, “A growth hacker is a grey hat marketer with serious analytics chops and a passion for learning the dynamics of various marketing channels and how to exploit them.” With this in mind, we had a look at the latest Growth Marketing/Hacking opportunities available on Jobbio to bring you a round-up of the skills employers are looking for and the positions available. So if you are ready and set, it’s the right time to grab one of these hot jobs.

Marketing & Growth Hacker (Remote) – Storygami

If you are looking to enter the marketing industry and have a keen interest in developing growth strategies, start with an internship. Storygami offers a position which has duties in marketing and growth equally.

Growth / User Acquisition (Internship) – Once

This internship at a new dating app Once is offering a place within a dynamic team passionate about its concept. If you are on the top of social media trends and are ready to uncover creative and non-traditional ways of growing traffic, this position is for you. In addition, you are given an opportunity to become a permanent member of the team as the internship comes with a ‘potential to be hired’ note.


Growth Marketer – Founders Factory

Experimenting and testing are some of the key elements of a Growth Marketer. If you already have experience in performance marketing, SEO, email & lifecycle marketing, all things social, and are on friendly terms with analytics, this position at Founders Factory is an opportunity for you. As part of the Founders Factory team, you will have an exposure to the company’s world-class network of entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners.  

Growth Marketer – iwoca

If building and implementing strategies floats your boat, working in the high growth Fintech startup iwoca might be a perfect next stop for you. Make use of your analytical mindset, drive KPIs to achieve long-term objectives and grow with the company! This is a particularly exciting time to join the team which over the past year has doubled to 100 staff and has just raised $20 million in funding.


Growth Marketer – InMotion

Have you implemented successful customer acquisition campaigns? Are you a fan of data driven optimization? InMotion is looking to hire a Growth Marketer ready to work with the technical team and develop MVPs. The role is perfect for someone looking to apply their already existing experience in startup growth hacking, someone who had a strong willingness to learn and wants to play an active part in decision-making. The role also requires someone with leadership qualities.


Head of Growth Marketing – Hubble

This senior opportunity at Hubble is for a data whizz who enjoys using analysis tools to figure out scalable acquisition channels. Can’t wait to start optimizing conversion rates, calculating CAC, LTV and enhancing campaigns for profitable unit economics? Hubble are looking to make you their next hire.  

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