How to build a brilliant startup growth marketing team

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Do you have a growth marketing team in your business?

If you’re trying to drive growth for a business, then you have more than likely heard all about growth hacking, and growth marketing.

Growth Marketing is the process of designing and conducting experiments to optimise and improve the results of a target audience for a business.

Basically if you have a certain metric you want to increase, growth marketing (also known as growth hacking) is a method you can use to achieve that boost.

No, there’s no actual “hacking” of sorts, think of it more like data-driven marketing that’s aimed at delivering growth to a business.

It’s pretty important to have within almost any business – we all want to see growth right? 

Anyway, if you are in the process of setting up a growth marketing team, there are a few things you should note…

growth marketing team

Lay the groundwork

Before you launch into hiring a growth marketing team, you need to ensure that the foundation is there. There are certain things you should consider here, such as your startup’s growth stage, your business goals, your key metrics, and support from key stakeholders. You can’t really map out a growth plan until all of these are sorted out. 

growth marketing team

Choose a model

Okay so you’ve laid the foundation for your business, go you! Next up will be deciding on the model you will use for your growth team. The two most frequently used models are the independent growth team model and the functional growth team model. What’s the difference? Well, in the independent growth model, team members work autonomously from each other. As such, each team member can prioritise their work and resources to help your startup reach your goal. However, in the functional model, each of the members of your growth team directly reports to a function head, allowing for more structure.

Identify your company values and principles and then you will be able to decide on a growth model.

growth marketing team


Ultimately, the people you choose are the most important element to the team’s success. You need to ensure that your growth team has the right people on it, ticking all boxes necessary to achieve your goals. Within your growth structure, you will need to hire (minimum) a software engineer, a data analyst, a UX designer and also a head of the growth department, who will oversee everything on your behalf. 


The success of your growth team will come down to creating a culture that allows for creativity and growth. This will start at the top, and continue down the company structure. Encourage innovation and the growth will surely follow! 

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