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By August 3, 2017For Companies

In this piece, Jobbio’s Frankie McSwiney talks us through how Jobbio’s partnership with tech publisher IDG is revolutionising the way we engage potential candidates.

“The evolution of recruitment has seen more and more companies adopt inbound marketing strategies to help attract the right people. These soft sell methods of branding are proving to be more effective than previous outbound tactics and for a number of reasons. Through targeted content marketing strategies it’s become easier to draw candidates to your company with pieces that they can identify with, and that reflect their interests. But how do we ensure we are broadcasting the right content?

Due to the sheer volume of information at our disposal every day, we’ve become more selective with the content we consume.  

When it comes to recruitment, everything is at our fingertips, so searching for jobs we are mobile and content first. Gone are the days when we were forced to trawl through job sites and careers pages in the search of current information. Now, intelligent matching systems mean a 3 second scroll has us inundated with relevant content. The searcher becomes the searchee.

With 61% of job seekers using social media to look for jobs, it is no wonder we are seeing social strategy being plastered all over HR departments. Programmatic adverts are becoming more and more intelligent and we are starting to see this creep outside the parameters of the marketing department and into the talent teams looking for their future hires.

Together Jobbio and IDG have gone one step further.

We’re displaying jobs in a way that allows users to absorb the content however they want. So if you are a tech company looking for your next hire you can now target potential candidates in their own environments, when they are just browsing and consuming their favourite content.

We can now match users with the jobs relevant to them from the employer branding content they consume. By using the curated audiences of Techworld, Computerworlduk and Digital Arts we have developed not just an exclusive partnership but a product too. Absorbing leadership pieces in our field, the aspiration to be better and progress has driven us to explore more and more content. By contextually matching this talent audience to the relevant content we can ensure that we’re delivering the right piece at the right time in the right place to the right person.

TechworldJobs can exclusively deliver a live feed of jobs by leveraging the user’s behaviour and connecting them to the specific jobs. Just as programmatic advertising uses customers’ browsing data to deliver specific messages to different audiences in the consumer world, it is possible to create algorithms from a whole host of candidate data to better target the job ads they see.

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Managing talent is much like any user journey, the aim is to keep users on a site through their journey, towards a purchase of some kind. In this case, the purchase is applying for a job. However the user want to make that purchase, be it through social, media outlets or even more traditional routes, Jobbio powers this ability.

When it comes to managing talent, spending time sifting through piles of CVs or application forms slows down response times and in an age when most answers are a click away, this will kill your employer brand. Digitalising the process and using live information will not only modernise your company’s processes but also reduce the time and money spent on admin whilst growing a pool of relevant information that never goes out of date. Now you can have everything you need to attract and manage talent on one platform whilst targeting 13.5 million tech professionals.

What we offer is the ability to target very specific audiences through our partnership with Techworld, Computerworld and Digital Arts jobs.

Creating the world’s first widget which directly matches readers content of choice with jobs.

Whether they are reading up on the newest fintech trend or the latest diversity initiative, we can pinpoint their preferences and target our clients jobs. Tech talent are becoming more and more particular about where they work and who they work for. As such, we need to be more particular about how we attract them.”

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