How beer can help accelerate your career (yes, really!)

By August 4, 2017For Talent

 To celebrate International World Beer Day (which is today don’t you know?) we decided to pay homage to all the fantastic, amazing and downright tasty ways that a frosty pint can help you take your career to the next level.

Don’t believe us? Well, prepare to be dazzled because we have got the proof that will make you want to go for a sneaky pink after work this evening.

Cheers to that!

1. Nothing takes the edge off a bad day at work like a nice cold beer

Stressed about the next big product meeting or up to your eyeballs in emails? Your favourite pint can instantly turn your evening around, especially if you’re meeting up with some pals. Sit back, relax and destress.

2. It’s the perfect way to socialise with your co-workers

Isn’t it weird that we can spend all day emailing someone that we have never spoken to in real life? A quick pint on the way home from the office could be the perfect way to break the ice and really get to know them. Networking at it’s finest.

3. It boosts staff morale

Birthday drinks, promotion drinks, even leaving drinks. No matter what the occasion, you’re guaranteed to please a lot of people if there are a few cold ones in the staff room fridge for everyone to enjoy.

4. It gets the creative juices flowing

Even the brightest and most inventive minds can have their off days. Sometimes your best ideas will come to you when you’re sitting sipping your favourite tipple in your local. Just make sure you write them down so you remember them the next morning.

5. It encourages you to stick around

If your colleagues are cracking open a few beers after work then you won’t be running out the office door at 5.59pm like you usually do. Having a few quiet ones might actually trick you into staying in the office for a little bit longer meaning you’ll get more work done. It’s a win-win

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