5 Easy Ways You Can De-Stress At Your Desk

By August 15, 2017For Talent

Let’s be honest, work is stressful. No matter what your job is, there are going to be things that will make you tense, nervous and maybe even anxious.

While you can’t always control the things that trigger stress, you can control your reaction to the situation. Here are just a few things you can do to de-stress when you feel the waves of anxiety coming on.

Just breathe

If your work load is mounting stop and take a few minutes to just breathe. You don’t have to meditate or even go to a quiet space. Just take 10 long deliberate breaths at your desk. This will help open your lungs and calm your mind.

Get moving

If you’re starting to feel stressed stand up and go for a little walk. A quick jaunt around the block or even a walk to the staff kitchen can do wonders for your mood. You’re taking yourself away from the stressful situation and allowing your body to loosen up. Some quick bursts of activity will also release endorphins which will help you to sleep better.

Always have snacks

Do you feel most stressed just before lunch or when the 3 pm slump hits? Food can have a massive impact on your mood. When you’re hungry your concentration suffers and your energy is also much lower. This means that you can’t deal with stressful situations as well. Always have some snacks like nuts or dried fruit nearby for when you need a little pick-me-up.

Write a worry list

Writing your problems down can help you to put them in context. Take ten minutes and write down everything that is worrying you. Beside the list write down why each problem is worrying you and what the worst case scenario is. This will help you get some perspective.

Put on your favourite tunes

There’s nothing like some ’90s pop. If you’re feeling particularly tense at work then put in your headphones and listen to some of your favourite playlists for an hour or two. Listening to music can help boost your productivity and it will definitely lift your mood as well.

Get a perspective reminder

This can be something as simple as a picture of your family or a souvenir from your favourite holiday. Keep this little memento on your desk to remind yourself of happier times. This token will show you that no matter what is happening at work, there are still other great things going on in your life.

Escape the screen

Save your eyesight (and your sanity) by looking away from your computer screen for a few minutes every hour. Write out your to-do lists on paper, talk to a colleague or even do a little doodle. Anything that will divert your eyes from the screen for a moment will help you de-stress and feel much better.

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