5 Things You’ll Only Know if You Cycle to Work

By September 13, 2017For Talent

Do you know why bank tellers can’t ride bicycles to work?

They tend to lose their balance.

Terrible dad jokes aside, did you know that today is Cycle to Work Day. So, to celebrate all you lovely pedallers we thought we would come up with a list of five things you’ll only know if you cycle to work.

Enjoy and happy cycling.

1. The elements

When you’re on your bike you don’t have the luxury of staying warm and dry, unlike those poxy bus commuters. You, my friend, are subjected to the very worst weather imaginable. Wind, rain, heck even snow.

Thankfully you’re a dab hand at dressing appropriately. You would never leave the house without your helmet or waterproof gear. This isn’t amateur hour.


2. The sweat

Unfortunately, all those layers of clothes that are supposed to keep you warm and dry can sometimes have the opposite effect. On more than one occasion you’ve arrived at work covered in sweat. Not to mention that glorious helmet hair. Gorgeous!

3. The smugness

”Traffic was mad this morning, wasn’t it?”

”Oh, I wouldn’t know, I cycle.”

Let’s face it, cycling to work comes with a certain degree of smugness. You’re fitter, your commute is shorter and you probably save a tonne of money too. So, it’s only natural that you have a humble brag in the staffroom every now and then. Go on, you deserve it.


4. The road rage

Can they not see this is a cycle lane? Why are those pedestrians crossing at a red light? Cycling to work can throw up all kind of complications, mostly ones caused by other commuters.

Some mornings you’ll arrive at work full of rage because a car cut you off or a lorry drove through a puddle completely soaking you. The good news? You’ll get to go through it all again in the evening.

5. The pride

If you’re a regular cyclist you may get just a little bit attached to your set of wheels. You’ll lovingly lock it up at the end of the day. Carefully clean it when it gets dirty and always replace your safety lights when they stop working. It is your pride and joy after all.

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