Here’s everything you need to know about the Jobbio HIGHER HR Sessions

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Jobbio HIGHER is almost here. As you already know by now, the event will be taking place this Thursday, 28th September in the Truman Brewery.

But did you know that there will be fantastic HR Sessions on the day?

Jobbio HIGHER’s HR Sessions is a half-day event from 2-5pm. Expert panelists will be there to address your burning questions about recruitment, diversity, and employer branding.

Here’s the rundown of everything that you need to know. Click here to RSVP now.


2:30 – 3:15: Your Next Hire is Already Employed

Are you looking for an experienced candidate with an excellent track record? Chances are, they’re already working for another brand. In this panel, we reveal how to entice passive candidates, build your company followers and why your Employer Brand is the key to success.

Yakub Zolynski (Head of Talent, Secret Escapes)
Ruth Penfold (Director of Talent Acquisition, Shazam)
Becs Beslee (Head of People, Dice)
Ana Harris (International People Services, Houzz)

4:00 – 4:45:  Hiring for Happiness (How to Hire Diverse Candidates While Maintaining A Cultural Fit)

Diversity is more than just a buzzword. In this panel, we delve deeper to explore a vision for a truly inclusive workforce. We lift the lid on labels, bias, and the gloss and share how you can diversify your talent pool while maintaining your company culture.

Maria Campbell (Head of People, Monzo)
Will Bentinck
 (Head of Careers, Makers Academy)
Lu Li (Founder, Blooming Founders)


2:30 – 3:15:  How to Hire Technical Talent (And Hold Onto It!)

Hiring top technical talent an enormous challenge, holding onto them is an even greater one. Now more than ever, companies must do all they can to keep the brightest minds on their team. But how? In this session, in partnership with General Assembly, we’ll explore all you need to know about securing top tech talent and hanging onto them.

Samantha Hepburn (Founder, Find a Tech Job)

4:00 – 4:45:  The Persona Project: Building Your EVP

We know that, as a company, shouting loudly about your purpose is an important part of attracting great talent. How much stronger would the alliance be if our own individual purpose – our own “why” – was front and centre too? Join this interactive workshop to explore motivating factors for different personas and work out how to create sustained high performance within your team and build a compelling, targeted and scalable EVP.

Jane Reddin (Talent Director, Balderton Capital)
Ruth Penfold (Talent Acquisition Director, Shazam)

Come along to the Jobbio HIGHER HR Sessions on September 28th. Sign up for free now.

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