The Main Reason Why People Are Switching Jobs in 2018

There are lots of reasons why people quit their jobs. Unreasonably long commutes, annoying bosses or crappy salaries to name but a few.

But can you name the most popular reason for switching in 2018?

Well, the answer might actually surprise you.

According to a Korn Ferry poll of nearly 5,000 professionals, the top reason people are looking for a new job in 2018?

They’re bored.

Here are the survey results: 

  • I’m bored, need new challenge – 33%
  • Culture doesn’t fit with me/my values – 24%
  • I have either lost my job or expect that I will – 21%
  • Higher salary -19%
  • Company politics -3 %

Mmm, that wasn’t exactly what we were expecting but we can see why.

Boredom has become an epidemic in the workplace. While often linked to millennials, it is, in fact, common among all age groups.

A recent survey from Udemy for Business found that boredom affected a wide range of workers from baby boomers to generation Y. Employees who are bored at work are twice as likely to leave a company than those who are not.

So, what causes boredom at work? Researchers from the University of Loughborough in Leicester have discovered that there are two main reasons.

The first way that employers create boredom is through their rules and regulations i.e. the specific procedures that have to be followed.

The second way is by imposing limitations on activity and behavior i.e. your boss telling you to stop having a conversation with your overly chatty coworker.

So, how do you avoid workplace boredom? Thankfully the study offered up a few ideas.

Good working relationships and transformational leadership can play a massive part. As well as more enriched and complex jobs.

So, there you have it. Are you still considering switching in 2018?

Find your dream job today.

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