How to Advance Your Career Before the End of 2017

By November 7, 2017For Talent

It might be hard to believe but November is here. The Christmas ads are starting to sneak on to our TV screens and we’re already debating whether or not it’s too early to start eating mince pies for breakfast (it’s never too early, right?).

But before we get caught up in the festive season there’s still some work to be done. Remember those career goals you created way back in January, well, there’s still some time left to crush them.

Here’s how you can advance your career before the end of 2017.

Network, network, network

And no, we don’t mean at the office Christmas party. You should be trying to build your network on a daily business. If you want to work your way up the career ladder then you’re going to need to know some people in your industry. These people will give you valuable feedback and they might also be able to tell you about new opportunities.

Be active on social media and LinkedIn. Invite people you admire out for coffee and don’t be afraid to send interesting articles to a potential mentor. After all, it’s all about who you know.

Upskill in your free time

Education doesn’t stop after college or university. The more skills that you have the more employable you will become.

Enroll in a night class, sign up for an online course or even spend an evening watching relevant YouTube clips. Be proactive and make sure that you are spending time on something that will help further your career.


Volunteering is a great thing to do, especially at this time of year when our minds turn to people in need. Why not volunteer at an organisation that means a lot to you? Get in contact with a charity and offer to donate your time. Volunteering is a great way to relieve stress plus it will give you a chance to meet new people.

Update your bio

When was the last time you really looked at your Jobbio profile or LinkedIn page? You should aim to update these things every month. You can add in more skills, maybe change up your intro or add in that volunteering experience we talked about *nudge nudge*. Keeping your bio up to date will ensure that anyone who stumbles across your page will get the most relevant information.

Schedule a review meeting

Bite the bullet and just do it. Even if your company does not have a formal review process in place, be proactive. Arrange a meeting with your boss to discuss your performance over the last 6 months. This is a great way to get feedback for the year ahead and show your boss that you’re passionate about your place in the company.

Set new goals

Take time to figure out where you would like your career to go in 2018. Would you like a promotion? Or maybe you want to move company? Now is the time to start thinking about the year ahead. Decide on your goal and break it down into actionable steps. Write down each step and set a time frame for it. Leave this list on your desk or somewhere that you will look at it often. This will help you to stay on track.

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