What’s the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you at work?

By January 23, 2018For Talent

Nothing like a few embarrassing stories to give you a little perspective and make you realise that even though you’re having a bad day, it could be worse.

Much, much worse.

We recently launched the Jobbio #WorkHappy Index, a comprehensive view of what makes us happy at work – from how we spend our days, to what perks we value the most, to how many office romances we’ve had. As part of the research we asked over 4000 people across the UK and the US to share their most embarrassing work stories with us.

Here’s our top picks. Please enjoy responsibly.

The danger of the reply all

A letter I crafted went out to our membership with a typo. I spelled ‘erection’ instead of ‘election’ review.”

“Accidentally resent an email from my boss saying bad things about his boss, to the entire company!”

Acts of nature

“During a company wide meeting , I was making a presentation and I farted really loud.”

“One time a bird defecated on my head in the parking lot before I reached the office.”

A woman who no longer works here took a picture of a toilet with period blood (mine) and posted it in the bathroom. I forgot to flush. She shamed me in front of anyone who would enter the bathroom.”

Poor phrasing

“Commented to my boss on his birthday that I hope whatever his wife does for him tonight is fun. Innocent comment that was worded terribly.”

“I asked a woman when she was due and she was not pregnant.”

Poor timing

“Went on a profanity filled rant about a boss who just happened to be standing behind me. Right. Behind. Me.”

“Got caught taking someone’s yogurt after repeatedly lying about it.”

Being over exposed

“I once ripped the bottom out of my pants while squatting down to pick up a box. I had to go home to change.”

“I was trying to squeeze between a large man and a stove and ripped the back of my shirt wide open.”

“My zipper was open during a presentation.”


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