Amazon Plans to Bring Alexa into The Workplace

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Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant Alexa has been in the news a lot lately. Mostly because the machines are breaking into fits of random laughter (absolutely terrifying, we know).

However, it looks like the digital PA could be giggling in your workplace sometime in the near future (nobody panic!)

The e-commerce giant is planning to integrate Alexa into enterprise software so that it can use voice control. Companies will soon be able to write their own skills for the virtual assistant.

Why is this beneficial for Amazon?

Well, it gives Alexa the chance to grow. The PA will get to hear new things in the corporate environment. More data means more opportunities for its AI to learn.

According to Werner Vogels, Amazon’s CTO, bringing Alexa into the office will help improve the AI. “The kind of language we use in our offices is sometimes radically different from the more conversational things we do in our (homes),” Vogels told Axios.

 Who will be using it?

According to Axios, some companies have already started to integrate Alexa into the workplace with Concur, Salesforce, WeWork, CapitalOne and Wynn hotels among the early business adopters.

Is there any competition?

Of course! Cisco has built its own voice AI for businesses, and Microsoft’s Cortana already works with some of the firm’s enterprise software.

Alexa may also face opposition in the workplace if employees are not happy with having always-on microphones in their building.

Would you welcome a digital PA into your office? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter.

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