#WorkQuirks – Three pints of ice cream per day

By March 28, 2018For Talent

What makes a company special? Its people, its product, its culture and its freebies. This week we’re looking at some unique work perks from tasty treats to revolutionary spousal benefits.

Google – Death benefit

The tech giant is famous for its generous perks but one in particular stands out from the free food, ping pong tables and haircuts. At Google, if an employee passes away, their surviving partner is paid 50% of their salary for the next 10 years. This posthumous spousal support doesn’t come with a tenure clause, meaning that the majority of Google employees are entitled to it. An amazing gesture for families struggling with a bereavement.

Penguin Random House – Free book program

Unsurprisingly, this publishing house is the perfect home for avid readers. Their free book program means that employees can order multiple books and eBooks for free throughout the year.


Atlassian – Referral scheme

Lots of companies encourage their employees to refer friends, family or former colleagues for roles they feel they’re suited to. For one it saves on recruiting costs to source from the team’s existing network but it’s also more likely that these people will have a good understanding of what the company is about and be a fit culturally. At Atlassian, they go one step further by offering a referral bonus of $2,000 to incentivise the team to get involved in hiring.

Ben & Jerry’s – Free ice cream

There’s lots of fun perks to working at Ben & Jerry’s, you get to work in a dog friendly office, there’s the opportunity to name new flavours and the team get to enjoy or take home 3 free pints of ice cream per day. Just think of all that cookie dough. at 

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