#WorkQuirks – HIT workouts in Shoreditch Park

By April 11, 2018For Talent

Do you enjoy getting quirky at worky?

I’ll see myself out.

Here’s the top employee perks and benefits this week.

American Express – Buy and sell holiday days

There’s a plethora of employee perks available to the team at American Express including paid medical coverage, health assurance, childcare vouchers and healthy living programs. One that really caught our eye was that staff can buy and sell up to 5 days holiday days. No more taking annual leave for the sake of it!

Jobbio – HIT workouts Wednesdays

We know that self praise is no praise but we couldn’t resist putting our new HIT workouts in this week’s list. (That’s high intensity workouts for the cardio challenged amongst you.) Our crew in the UK HQ enjoy a weekly class at Shoreditch park. The team that exercise together, complain about their aches and pains in a tired-but-smug-manner together. This is not a picture of our fit Jobbions but what they’ve told us they’ll  look like in approximately 6-8 weeks. Watch this space.

Apple – Employee discounts

Offering a staff discount is hardly revolutionary and has obvious benefits for employers and employees alike. However, when you work with products as popular and cutting edge tech as Apple, it can be a pretty big draw.

Smarkets – Expiration parties

Expiration party, not an apocalyptic celebration, but rather one of the more unique employee perks enjoyed by the team at Smarkets. Each month they get together to discuss the achievements of the past few weeks and then take part in a group activity. Previous expiration parties have included pub quizzes, table tennis tournaments and much merriment.

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