The Extensive Value of Media Distribution

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Listen, we know that finding the right candidate isn’t always easy. Discovering someone who is qualified, passionate and a great culture fit can feel like a tough task. But, it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Jobbio, we’re always finding new and innovative ways of getting your role in front of the most eligible candidates and evolving your entire hiring process. How?

By using extensive marketing strategies that now include targeted media distribution.

We’ve partnered with multiple media outlets around the world to pioneer this new approach to talent marketing. Here’s how media distribution can help you to supercharge your hiring.

We choose the right media audience for your jobs

At Jobbio we know that every company is unique, that’s why we use our extensive market knowledge to ensure that your jobs are distributed by the right media partner at the right time. We’ve partnered with a number of leading media publications across multiple industries and locations worldwide. We understand the best channels to promote your jobs in a smart, meaningful way.

It’s a better talent experience

Trawling through jobs boards all day is pretty dull. In fact, more and more candidates are moving away from traditional, static jobs lists for the poor user experience. Improve the talent journey by targeting your ideal hires through their favourite publications. It’s a fast, modern and effective way to put your roles in front of the right people.

It attracts passive talent

It’s an incredibly competitive jobs marketplace. The perfect candidate for your role is probably not actively looking for a new position, in fact, they’re probably already hired. If you want to attract passive candidates you need to bring your jobs to them. Media distribution is a great way to do this. By proactively engaging employees through media distribution, you’re ensuring your hiring is in a continuous flow.

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