The Depressing Thing 1/3 of Women Do Before a Job Interview

By January 4, 2019For Talent

Anyone who has been on a job interview knows that sometimes, they can be pretty unpleasant experiences. Salary expectations, tricky personality questions and awkward body language can all add up to make it a nerve-wracking event.

Personally, my mouth turns to sand, my speech either disappears or comes spewing out of me in fast, almost incomprehensible sentences and my leg has also been known to twitch uncontrollably (Great!).

No matter how confident or self-assured you are I think that everyone will feel a little flurry of nerves before walking into the room.

Research has shown that there are certain things that you can do to quell the jitters. Alongside preparing your answers, things like practicing power poses or using breathing techniques, can all help you to put your best foot forward.

However, according to new research women are taking one extra step to make sure they are interview ready (and it’s not brushing their hair or researching the company).

29% of women remove their wedding rings before stepping into an interview according to a study released by Credit Angel.

womenAnd the reason why will really depress you. According to the credit site, women remove their wedding bands in order to avoid ”the possibility of discriminatory judgments from a prospective employer.”

Many women fear they may be overlooked if employers think they will be taking time off to raise children in the near future.

While this type of discrimination is obviously illegal. Unconscious bias still exists in the workplace today and women are just doing their best to try and avoid it.

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