We’ve Reimagined Talent Applications, Here’s What You Need to Know

Candidate experience is a key pillar of any effective hiring strategy. To improve your hiring, you need to create a seamless application process that talent will enjoy.

A good candidate experience can boost your employer brand, grow your talent pipeline and help you to find the right hire faster.

Which is exactly why we’ve redesigned our applications to help bring our loyal brands closer to the best talent.

Here’s everything that you need to know.

What’s changed?

We are now giving brands the ability to screen candidates with deal-breaker questions. These questions will appear at the start of the candidate’s application journey and talent must answer them in order to continue. 

Why should you use it?

This innovative new feature will help you to find the most relevant talent quickly and easily. You can use these application questions to qualify candidates with queries like “Are you eligible to work in the EU?” or ”Do you have 2+ years of experience?”.

The new application page also makes it easier to attract passive candidates who may not have completed their Jobbio bio. If you’re satisfied with their answers you can prompt them to complete their application. As a result, your talent pipeline will grow at a much faster rate meaning a more efficient application process and a reduced time to hire.

Our new application page is 18% more effective at converting traffic into applications.

When can we use it?

The feature is live on site right now. Try it out on one of your jobs today and thank us later.

Post your role today.

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